Te Araroa Start

Te Araroa Start

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Waitomo Caves - The Galaxy Inside

I had the Waitomo Glowworm Caves scheduled for the morning.  Onto the bus for a nice tour of the brilliantly green (as always) countryside. Before our destination the driver stopped at a cafe and I grabbed a salmon, cream cheese, and lettuce bagel. Something new... It was delicious! 

Finally got to the caves. Outside as we waited for the tour I met a couple from California. We chatted a bit and found some things in common. The man had lived in a town in Oregon not far from where my family lives. Proves to be a small world no matter how far from home you go, I guess. 

I have been on a cave your before but this cave was extremely spacious. Poorly lit but huge. Not a lengthy or very informational tour as I had experience in Colorado. I was glad to have that one under my belt as it helped me at least know what was worth noting in my own mind. 

The boat ride through the Glowworm part  of the cave was what everyone was really waiting for anyway. In almost total darkness and silence we all found our way into the boat. You have to keep it quiet and dark for the glowworms to keep glowing our tour guide informed us. We got going, moving smoothly through water we couldn't see, only hear. Above us the tiny glowworms shined like stars in the heavens. With everything dark except their tiny spots of color it felt as if I was lying under a tree, looking through the dark spots of branches into the galaxy beyond them in the sky. I was seriously awed at how it could really look as if it was the night sky. 

Then out of the cave into the sunshine again. We headed out, crossing a trail entrance. It made me a bit sad because it was one of the trails I would have taken if my knees would have held up. 

I went back to Rotorua and spent some more time at the lake and wandering around town. I finalized some more plans for the next few days and lay down for a good read and some sleep!

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