Te Araroa Start

Te Araroa Start

Thursday, November 7, 2013

-2 Days

If all goes well I should start walking sometime on the 10th (which is the 9th for those of you in the States). I go to Paihia tomorrow, spend the day and night there, get my food, enjoy one last hot shower, then head on a tour to Cape Reinga the next day. No other way to get there. 

Auckland doesn't feel like a city. The buildings aren't as tall as we expect in U.S. cities. The traffic isn't dense. Everyone waits for the signal to cross the street (must have some strict jay-walking laws or something). There is Asian influence everywhere, which I was surprised by. Where in the U.S. we have Spanish as the most common sub culture, here it is some Asian background.  I wish I knew more to know if it is Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. 

It's been an interesting day so far. Just hanging out, walking around, ate some pho (there is SOOOO much food variety here, it's amazing!) I have to remind myself to not freak out when I see cars that look like they have no driver; they are on the other side. It's that, more than the opposite side of the road, that gets me. Movie tickets here are ridiculously expensive. Enjoy your cinemas stateside folks! As a westernized country speaking English, I was expecting much to be the same as home. But there is as much if a culture shock coming to New Zealand as there would be anywhere. 

Also met another dorm mate today. She is originally from the Czech Republic (my mom's side of the family comes from there) who lives in London now. She has been here for 6 months, working, backpacking, and now getting into acting. It is amazing to me how easily people talk to one another here, a freedom about it. I often keep to myself, but world travelers are so open its hard to resist. 

So far all has been well. I am enjoying the experience but it will be a different ball game when I start walking. It is coming soon enough!


  1. Found out about your trip from the article that your father posted on Survival Blog.

    It will be interesting to follow along with you on your journey.

    Just know that you are in our prayers and our wish for you is a safe and enjoyable journey.

    Hope that you have plenty of moleskin. :-)


  2. Saw your blog link in a posting that your dad did on Survival Blog. You should know that he's taking credit for your choice of backpack! ;) I hope you find what you are looking for. Prayers for safe travels.

    Melanie, NC

  3. I also saw the survivalblog post. Good luck.
    As someone who has been to N.Z many times, when you get to the south island think WET. Wet air, wet ferns, wet ground. Once past Nelson you will probably never be dry. Prepare for that and have fun. The Kiwi's are a hoot.

  4. I have passed on your blog address to our Datrex Facebook friends. We are all with you in spirit. Best wishes for a fun and safe hike. The Datrex WebTeam, Talbot