Te Araroa Start

Te Araroa Start

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rotorua... The Land After the Hobbits

It's true what they all told me... You smell Rotorua before you see it. That sulfur scent associated with the geothermal activity in the town. You get used to it... Except when you wake up at night wondering who passed gas when you are alone in the room...

I got in to Rotorua, checked in to the backpackers and away I went to go zorbing!!!!

I did the straight path and the side winder. Rented clothes to soak and a towel from the place, left my clothes in a cubby and up I went to the top of the hill. They fill the inner bubble with warm water and tell you to "Superman dive" in through the hole they zip up. Only way in so I hoped my aim was true - plop! Right into the clear globe. I thought it would feel claustrophobic inside, but it just felt like sitting in a warm bath. The guy told me to get started I had to stand up and try to walk down the hill. Are you kidding? He said falling is like falling on a trampoline. So what the heck, why not? He dared me to stay on my feet as long as I could. I started walking, and as soon as the globe started rolling I fell firmly onto my rear. So much for that dare. But down the hill I went! It felt like forever but they say its only about 45 seconds. 

They told me I could relax in the hot tub or go right on up for the next path. I went right up. I couldn't wait! I dove in and the guy launched me down the side winder, about a 2 minute ride. Zorbing was some of the best fun I have ever had!!! I relaxed in the hot tub after I was done before I dressed again and bought some photos. Can't wait to share them when I get home. 

Then I took a walk in the Kaipu (I think) park. Geothermal activity all over with paths going around the hot spots. There are even a couple of free foot baths/spas warmed with the earth's heat. My feet were loving it. The park was well kept, flowered paths and gardens everywhere, their aroma competing with the sulfurous earth but their colors splashed for effect. It was quite something!

My last activity for that day was visiting Lake Rotorua. I nabbed an ice cream come and walked down to the socks and found a bench where I could admire the view. The day wound down so I went and are some Thai and hit the hay not long after that, a room in the hostel all to myself somehow. 

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