Te Araroa Start

Te Araroa Start

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gear List

Below is a list of the items I have packed up for my trek across New Zealand. As I go, I may find that some things aren't needed and send them home, might swap out items... a person can never really tell until they get going. But this is what I'm starting off with. Seems like a lot, but I'm alone in a foreign country, and I hear that you can experience all 4 seasons in one day in New Zealand - so I definitely had to be prepared. My support system is in another part of the world, so there's me to depend on.

As I post this, I also want to shoot out a big thanks to those who have donated items to me for use on my trek:

Kevin at U.S. Tactical Supply in Albany, OR for the rugged and durable pack. Might be heavier than my other but there is no doubt in my mind that it won't fall apart on me. Eberlestock makes quality gear and I'm happy to be trying it out.

Thanks to Aqua Mira for donating water purification products for my use. A well known company willing to send their product to me for use to keep my drinking water safe.

Thanks to Clearly Filtered also, for providing water filtration products to my family and to me. I drank nasty barracks water and water out camping from streams and rivers without fear. I will continue using their products on my trek as well for water purification.

Thanks to Richard at Datrex up in the Seattle, WA area for providing an Ocean Signal PLB1 at a discounted price. I know it gives my family peace of mind to have a personal locator beacon on me in case of emergency. It is a great comfort to me as well.

Thanks to Paqlite, providing easily renewable light sources to my family. My mother passed some along to me for use in the dark.

Thanks to family for helping me get the last of the gear together to get ready for this trek. Couldn't appreciate it more!

Gear List

=Eberlestock Terminator 67L pack (4100 ci)
=Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 tent
=REI Women’s Flash Sleeping bag (long)

=REI Flash Inflatable sleeping mat (long)

=Cocoon inflatable travel pillow
=2 8L sea to summit stuff sacks (for clothing and sleeping bag)
=Black Diamond Carbon fiber cork trekking poles

Cooking and Water:
=1 Power Pot with attachments
=1 180 stove
=Waterproof matches
=2 Platypus 2L bottles

=1 Camelbak bladder (100oz)
=Clearly Filtered purifying straws (back up water purification method)
=Aqua Mira drops (for main purification method)

=Aqua Mira filter
=1 aqua mira water bottle
=Ozarks brand silverware/kit

=2 pair Dr. Scholl’s diabetes/circulation socks
=2 pair Exofficio underwear
=2 Under Armour heat gear sonic reversible sports bras
=1 pair REI convertible Sahara khaki pants

=1 pair North Face Horizon Tempest convertible pants
=2 heat gear Under Armour fitted short sleeve tees

=1 cold gear Under Armour fitted long sleeve base layer
=1 military Gen III mid-weight top
=1 military Gen III mid-weight bottom
=1 REI Rainwall jacket
=1 Columbia Storm Surge rain pants
=1 Under Armour Ridgeline Trail Runner Offroad shoes
=Outdoor Research Women’s Rocky Mountain High Gaiters
=1 pair Cabela’s Wind Force Convertible Gloves (fleece mittens)
=1 knit beanie cap
=1 Spec-Ops baclava
=1 pair flip-flops (camp shoes)
=1 extra pair of shoe laces

Personal Care:

=Hair ties

=Folding brush with mirror in handle

=Camp soap
=Toilet paper

=Travel folding toothbrush and travel size toothpaste

=Personal medications
=1 P-style in case

Navigation and Safety:
=1 compass
=Trail guide book and maps
=1 Magellan GPS and user guide
=1 homemade first aid kit (gauze, medical tape, band-aids, ace wraps, anti-diarrheal, Pepto, hydrocortisone cream, triple antibiotic, snake bite kit, etc.)
=1 Heatsheets emergency blanket
=Military grade paracord
=2 paracord bracelets (1 from CRKT with saw inside)
=Ocean Signal PLB1


=1 notebook and pen
=1 plastic spade
=1 Gerber multi-tool
=1 headlamp
=2 Paqlite products
=4 bandanas (for cleaning, personal hygiene, sweat band, etc.)
=Iphone 4 with Lifeproof case


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